We know why we tour as tourists. You know why you may choose some parts of the globe over others by reasons such as family, cheap prices and activities- but do you specifically know why we tour?

Tourism varies a number of ways: time, number of tourists, and different reasons being just some. For example, you may spend 2 weeks in Borth which has thousands of tourists, or you may tour in the Amazon for a month where there are little tourists and for the purpose of ecotourism.

Many people look for cheaper places to tour. This means more money for the cheaper resorts, that tend to be Mass Tourism destinations and a big company.

Tourism can have positive and negative effects: money, jobs and a good recognition are common positives that tourism brings. However, Global warming, pollution and destruction of habitat are all negatives people are concerned about. Solutions are being carried out to make tourism more eco-friendly. Eco-tourism helps local communities, wildlife and produces much less pollution than mass tourism. But are the general public willing to tour in eco-tourist destinations?