Basic Computing Using Windows/Networks and the Internet/FTP

Uploading to an FTP site edit

Opening the FTP site in Explorer edit

Uploading to an FTP site in Windows Explorer is fairly simple. Just follow these simple steps: Hold the Windows Key and press "R," then type in "explorer ftp://" followed by your FTP site. Note, It is perfectly fine to have FTP site that starts with "ftp.", such as, this will mean you have to type "", which is perfectly fine.


The run-dialog with the command to open an FTP site

Uploading to an FTP site edit

To upload files you can either drag them from the folder their in to the ftp folder you just opened; or, Copy (Ctrl+c) them from the folder they're in and Paste (Ctrl+V) them into the FTP-folder.

A picture of explorer with files about to be uploaded to an FTP site

Using Filezilla edit

Filezilla is an open-source program which can be used to upload files and folders to FTP and SSH sites.

This photo shows how to configure FTP in Filezilla.
  1. Open FIlezilla. You should see the Site Manager screen. If not , go to Files>Site Manager.
  2. Click New Site.
  3. Type a name for the site(can be anything). In the photograph , it is shown as 1.
  4. Type the host(the website).
  5. Leave the Port blank , but if you need to enter a different port number, you can do so. The number can vary from site to site.
  6. Select the encryption method. This differs by website , but if you are not given any info by the website , you can leave it as it is(Plain FTP).
  7. Select the login type. If you do not have any password , select Anonymous. Note that in this case , you can usually not upload anything. If you have a standard user name and password , select Normal.
  8. (Not for Anonymous) Enter the login details.
  9. CLick Connect.