Basic Computer Security/PC Security/Data Encryption

In cryptography, data is often converted into an unreadable format known as cipher-text, this process known as Encryption. To be able to read the data as usual, the cipher-text must be converted back by decrypting it using the correct Algorithm and Key. There are many Cryptographic algorithms, not limited to DES (data encryption standard, obsolete), 3xDES and AES (Advanced Encrption Standard, current), common examples of symmetric (or secret-key) ciphers. Asymmetric ciphers such as El-Gamal and RSA use special pairs of keys that perform mirrored one-way encryption, through particularly chosen mathematical properties. Other types of one-way encryption, with no built-in method for decryption, are commonly known as Hash functions, such as MD5, SHA, and SHA3.

// enhance HASH function we are using MD5 algorithm .In network we are using digital signature to encrypt data base and using KERBEROS protocol. Tools for encryption is private encryptor,stegnomagic.