Basic Computer Security/Ethical Hacking

Authors: Siraj Ud din(C):

Are we safe? A question which is asked by every computer user, but no one will reply... We are not safe because there is no such operating system which is perfect from security aspects.

Whether we recognize it or not, when we connected to the Internet in our home or office, we are all vulnerable. In fact, connecting to the Internet makes you a member (either willing or unwilling) of a community in which everyone becomes part of an enormous system - one much larger than any individual and where time and distance are almost eliminated. The interconnectivity brings all the participants in a close proximity to each other. Your neighbor next door could be a hacker in a foreign country with intent to harm or a young talented kind searching out your vulnerabilities just for kicks.

We will study Ethical Hacking in the form of modulus.

  1. Foot Printing
  2. Scanning
  3. Enumeration
  4. Banner Gathering
  5. Hacking Linux OS
  6. Hacking Windows NT