Basic Algebra/Polynomials/Multiplying Monomials and Polynomials

Basic Algebra/Polynomials/Multiplying Monomials and Polynomials. 1 term=monomial,2 terms=binomial,3 terms=trinomial and more than 3 terms=polynomial.You can classify an algebraic expression according to the number of terms it has.A polynomial is an expression with any number of terms which are greater than three terms.A monomial is an expression with only one term,a binomial is an expression with two terms and a trinomial is an expression with three terms. WORKED EXAMPLES:1.-2(x)=-2x. 2.4(x+2)=4(x)+4(2)=4x+8 3.-3xy(x²y+2x² -x-1). Remember when calculating, don't forget the signs.When the signs are the same it becomes a addition sign.But when the signs are different it becomes subtraction sign.These signs are the ones which separate the terms e.g.addition(+)*addition (+)=addition (+). subtraction (-)*subtraction (-)=addition and addition (+)*subtraction (-)=subtraction (-). subtraction (-)*addition (+)=subtraction (-).An exercise you can do is :1.a)-2 and 2x-3y