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Cocktails edit

This wikibook uses a simple format for cocktails:

{{cocktail | flavor = (flavor) | units = (units) | standard drinks = (standard drinks) | image = [[Image:(image)]]}}
Cocktail name is a... Simple description of cocktail.
* Alcoholic
* Ingredients
* and
* mixers
* Garnishes like
* Cherries
* Glasses, like a tumbler or highball
# The specific directions
# for mixing the drink
* A common variation on the drink.
* Another common variation on the drink.
==Related cocktails==
* A cocktail different enough to have its own name but still largely the same drink.
* First Reference
* Second Reference
[[Category:Cocktails with (base liquor)|(Name of Cocktail)]]

The article should be entitled Bartending/Cocktails/Name_Of_Cocktail