Bartending/Drinkware/Storing glassware

The storage of glassware is an important aspect of any bar, be it commercial or in the home. Proper storage of glassware helps reduce breakage, keeps things readily accessible, and encourages good hygiene.

General Principles edit

Glassware, regardless of the material of construction, should be stored face-down, either hung from appropriate supports (such as glass rails), or on anti-slip mats somewhere within easy reach of the bartender. This prevents both potentially dangerous chipping of the rim of the glass as well as the ingress of dust, dead insects and other detritus found in most every room. Glasses which do not nest should not be stacked, as the stack may collapse when unstable. Moreover, even if glasses are designed to stack they should not be stacked if they have just come out of the washer, as the warmer glasses may contract and shatter glasses they sit atop.

Glasses should be periodically inspected for chips or scratches, and those damaged glasses discarded immediately -- sudden heat from washers or sudden cold from bar ice or chilled drinks can cause structurally weakened glass to shatter, and chipped glass may cut drinkers.

Delicate stemware should be stored away from heavy-bottomed glasses, and more frequently-stored glasses (depending on the establishment) stored nearer the bartender and in greater quantity. Finally, glassware should be stored away from edges, elbows and other moving hazards.