Bahai Education/Education of Infants




a. if education children from earliest years with Bahá'í education they will be protected from every test: SW IX:8, 89-96

b. early education is most important as altering character after puberty after the awakening of growing appetites of self and nature is very difficult: SW VII:15; SWAB:#111, 137

c. when the bough is green and tender it will grow in whatever way ye train it: SWAB:#95, 125; #110, 136; #111, 137

d. divine foundation laid in earliest years in essence of child: SWAB:#111, 137

e. if trained from infancy through loving care of the Holy Gardener will drink in spirit and knowledge like young tree: SWAB:#103, 129

f. suckle children from infancy with milk of universal education: SWAB:#96, 126 1) while in infancy feed from breast of heavenly grace, foster in cradle of all excellence, rear in embrace of bounty: SWAB:#102, 129

g. rear children from earliest days to establish a way of life within their very nature, inmost heart that conforms to the divine teachings in all things: SWAB:#96, 126

h. from very beginning children must receive divine education and be reminded to remember God: SWAB:#99, 127

j. spiritual education from very beginning of life: SWAB:#122, 142

k. From their childhood instill in their hearts: PUP:53

l. from the very beginning of life every child will be refreshed by the gentle waftings of the love of God and will tremble with joy at the sweet scent of heavenly guidance. In this lieth the beginning of the process; it is the essential basis of all the rest: 'Abdu'l-Baha, Bahá'í Education, #79, p. 31

m. if not educated spiritually early then later most difficult to curb growing appetites of self and nature; the lower appetites are kings over men, must be defeated or they will be defeated by them: 'Abdu'l-Baha in DMAS 6/16/1914, in SW VII:15, pp. 141-144



a. responsibility of the mother of the infant: SW V:7, 101; SW VII:15, 141-144; SW IX:7, 81-88; SW XIV:9, 267-268; TAB:III:577; SWAB:#94, 124; #95, 124-125; #96, 126; #99, 127; #113, 138

b. mothers must rear children as a gardener tends young plants: SWAB:#95, 125

c. mothers must consider that education of children is of first importance, must put forth every effort in this regard: SWAB:#95, 125

d. mothers determine the happiness, the future greatness, the courteous ways and learning and judgment, understanding and faith of little ones: SWAB:#96, 126



a. educate the little ones from the earliest days: SWAB:#95, 124

b. thoroughly train them: SWAB:#95, 124

c. rear them to have good character and good morals: SWAB:#94, 124; #95, 124; 'Abdu'l-Baha, Bahá'í Education, #42, p. 16 1) Bahá'í conduct and the ways of God: SWAB:#97, 126

d. guide them to all the virtues of humankind: SWAB:#95, 124-125

e. prevent development of behaviour worthy of blame: SWAB:#95, 125

f. foster in embrace of Bahá'í education: SWAB:#95, 125

g. nurture in breast of the knowledge and love of God: SWAB:#95, 125 1) nurture at breast of love of God and in embrace of knowledge of God: SWAB:#103, 130-131

h. teach righteousness and dignity of humankind: SWAB:#95, 125

i. teach resolution: SWAB:#95, 125

j. teach to strive and to endure: SWAB:#95, 125

k. perseverance in all things: SWAB:#95, 125

l. will to advance: SWAB:#95, 125

m. highmindedness: SWAB:#95, 125

n. high resolve: SWAB:#95, 125

o. chastity: SWAB:#95, 125

p. purity of life: SWAB:#95, 125

q. strive night and day to establish faith and certitude in their children: SWAB:#95, 125

r. fear of God: SWAB:#95, 125

s. love of the Beloved of the worlds: SWAB:#95, 125

t. all good qualities and traits: SWAB:#95, 125

u. give them advantage of every kind of knowledge, every new and rare and wondrous craft and art: SWAB:#100, 127

v. bring them up to work and strive: SWAB:#102, 129

w. accustom them to hardship: SWAB:#102, 129

x. teach them to dedicate their lives to matters of great import: SWAB:#102, 129

y. inspire them to undertake studies that will benefit mankind: SWAB:#102, 129

z. let love of God pervade inmost being commingled with mother's milk: SWAB:#99, 127;#114, 139

aa. best way for mothers to worship God is by educating her children: SWAB:#114, 139

ab. continually call God to mind and make mention of Him, and tell of His greatness, and instill the fear of Him in the child: 'Abdu'l-Baha, Bahá'í Education, #79, p. 31

ac. rear the child gently, in the way of tenderness: 'Abdu'l-Baha, Bahá'í Education, #79, p. 31

ad. rear child in extreme cleanliness: 'Abdu'l-Baha, Bahá'í Education, #79, p. 31

ae. when the children are ready for bed, read or sing them the Odes of the Blessed Beauty: 'Abdu'l-Baha, Bahá'í Education, #78, p. 30

af. especially mothers must think of how to best educate children: 'Abdu'l-Baha in DMAS 9/2/1913, in SW VII:15, pp. 141-144



a. must rear children as a gardener tends young plants: SWAB:#95, 125

b. praise and applaud child and cheer his heart whenever he has done well: SWAB:#95, 125

c. counsel and punish child if the slightest undesirable trait should manifest itself: SWAB:#95, 125



a. if they are educated in this fashion, they will be enabled to carry to successful conclusion whatever they undertake: SWAB:#95, 125