Bahai Education/Education in Principle/I-200. Education Obligatory


a. We prescribe unto all men that which will lead to the exaltation of the World of God amongst His servants, and likewise, to the advancement of the world of being and the uplift of souls. to this end, the greatest means is education of the child. To this must each and all hold fast. We have verily laid this charge upon you in manifold Tablets as well as in My Most Holy Book. Well is it with him who deferreth thereto. We ask of God that He will assist each and every one to obey this inescapable command that hath appeared and been caused to descend through the Pen of the Ancient of Days: Baha'u'llah, Bahá'í Education, #6, p. 2

b. It is the bounden duty of parents to rear their children to be staunch in faith: Baha'u'llah, Bahá'í Education, #12, p. 3

c. Unto every father hath been enjoined the instruction of his son and daughter: KA:K48

d. incumbent upon everyone to acquire knowledge...arts and material means...wisdom and utterance and the arts and crafts of the world: TB:39

e. acquisition of knowledge incumbent upon everyone: TB:51

f. education is obligatory in this Age: SWAB:#98, 126-127

g. in no case may a child be deprived of education: SWAB:#101, 128

h. education of children is among the most meritorious acts of mankind: SWAB:#103, 129; #106, 133

i. Baha'u'llah counsels the education of all members of society. No individual should be deprived of intellectual training, although each should receive according to capacity. None must be left in the grades of ignorance: PUP:108

j. all must receive training and instruction...Universal education is a universal law: PUP:300

k. the necessity of education for all mankind: PUP:317

l. all mankind shall be educated: PUP:435 m. all mankind should attain knowledge and acquire an education, necessary principle of religious belief and observance, new in this Dispensation: PUP:455

n. universality of education: 'Abdu'l-Baha, in Bahá'í Education, #82, pp. 33-34

o. among the greatest of all services is the education of children: 'Abdu'l-Baha, Compilation of Compilations, I, #18

p. the primary, the most urgent requirement, is the promotion of education: SDC:109