Hour Pillar For Day HS6 edit

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Time of Birth Hour Pillar
11pm-1am (Heavenly Stem) HS1
*11pm-1am (Earthly Branch) EB1
1am-3am (Heavenly Stem) HS2
*1am-3am (Earthly Branch) EB2
3am-5am (Heavenly Stem) HS3
*3am-5am (Earthly Branch) EB3
5am-7am (Heavenly Stem) HS4
*5am-7am (Earthly Branch) EB4
7am-9am (Heavenly Stem) HS5
*7am-9am (Earthly Branch) EB5
9am-11am (Heavenly Stem) HS6
*9am-11am (Earthly Branch) EB6
11am-1pm (Heavenly Stem) HS7
*11am-1pm (Earthly Branch) EB7
1pm-3pm (Heavenly Stem) HS8
*1pm-3pm (Earthly Branch) EB8
3pm-5pm (Heavenly Stem) HS9
*3pm-5pm (Earthly Branch) EB9
5pm-7pm (Heavenly Stem) HS10
*5pm-7pm (Earthly Branch) EB10
7pm-9pm (Heavenly Stem) HS1
*7pm-9pm (Earthly Branch) EB11
9pm-11pm (Heavenly Stem) HS2
*9pm-11pm (Earthly Branch) EB12