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In Basic, code is documented in one of two ways:

  • a remark, indicated by the REM statement
  • a full-line comment introduced by an apostrophe: (')

Either of these two methods will result in treating the rest of the line as a comment. The interpreter will discard the rest of the line.

As with most forms of code documentation, it needs to be used as programs grow larger and to help identify the purpose of a given section of code. It is unnecessary to document every individual line, but should give enough information such as the purpose of a given function or why a certain statement may be needed.


first example (qBasic)
10 PRINT "Hello World!"
20 REM This code will display Hello World! to the display.
30 END
second example (freeBasic)
print "Hello World!"
'This code will display Hello World! on the screen



This will allow you to create a Remark statement that will not be visible to the user, but will be visible when the code is reviewed.

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