Autonomous Technology-Assisted Language Learning/Tips

Technological Tips and Tricks edit

This module contains list of technological tips and tricks that their authors have found useful for language learning. Links are provided to other modules in the Wikibook with more information.

Writing edit

  • For a free, quick, accessible multilingual spelling checker, use Gmail to compose a message and use the spelling checker in the upper right corner of the message window.
  • Online translator - Receive Instant translation for more than 30 languages

Interaction edit

Google Mail (Gmail) and Google Talk edit

  • Google Mail (Gmail) combined with Google Talk provides an integrated environment for e-mail, text chat, and audio chat interaction with features of particular use for language learners.
    • Gmail provides large data storage (over 2.7 GB) and multilingual spelling checker.
    • Google Talk provides
      • Text chat with archiving of text chat episodes in the "Chat" mailbox (compatible with Macintosh iChat text chat and other Jabber text chat software).
      • Audio chat (Windows only)
      • Online status of contacts

Skype edit

  • To talk with native speakers of the language you are learning, use the Skype directory to find "Skype me" users searching the desired language and/or country. You can look at their profile before making contact. Skype users in "Skype me" mode are online users who are currently looking for new Skype contacts.

Listening edit

  • speed control
  • How to deal with "redundancy" when listening? Redundancy includes rephrasing, repetitions, elaborations, and little insertions of "I mean" and "you know." Although they make the statements not so fluent, we can use them to help understanding. They help the hearer to process meaning by offering more time and information.

Reading edit

  • Google Word Translator for English into x, y, z, . . . WordChamp for x, y , z into English.
  • WordChamp for multingual mouse-over translations, including other languages into Englsh.
  • Ultralingua for clickable translation from multiple languages to multiple languages