Autonomous Technology-Assisted Language Learning/Packages

The purpose of this ATALL Wikibook module is to provide a place for "technology-enhanced" language learners and teachers to describe how they use ATALL for their own language learning and/or that of their students. We refer to these descriptions as ATALL packages.

Each ATALL package may include the following components:

  1. The purpose or learning objective under consideration (e.g., to improve comprehension of rapidly spoken informal speech)
  2. The theoretical and/or empirical foundation(s) of the package (e.g., theory and/or research indicating that rapid colloquial speech is more easily understand when accompanied by transcripts or captions)
  3. A review of research of any past attempts to use technology for the purpose or learning objective of interest.
  4. The new technology used or proposed. This may include hardware (not necessarily computer) and software (e.g., DVD player that allows variable speed playback of standard DVD movies)
  5. The resources used (e.g., specific websites, podcasts, Internet videos, DVDs, etc.)
  6. The activities undertaken with the technology and resources and how they relate to the theoretical and/or empirical foundation(s) (e.g., (a) reading a transcript of a movie scene and learning unfamiliar word and phrases, (b) playing the movie scene at slower-than-normal speed while reading captions in the original language, (c) playing the scene again at slow speed without the captions, (d) playing the scene at normal speed without the captions).
  7. The outcome(s) (e.g., personal accounts of use and results; use by students; learning and/or attitudinal outcomes; systematic and/or anecdotal evaluation of the package)
  8. Additional needs and recommendations (e.g. need for new or different resources; additional technology features, etc.)
  9. Conclusion(s)

Packages need not contain all of the information outlined above, that is, they need not be "complete packages."

As these packages are submitted by individuals to describe their own experiences, it would seem best that readers should refrain from editing them (except for minor edits involving spelling, grammar, style, etc.) and restrict comments to the Comments section at the end of each example. Original authors may then revise their package description and remove comments that are no longer relevant. Alternatively, package authors may wish to describe their packages in an external link (for example by preparing it and publishing it using Google Documents & Spreadsheets) and provide its title and link in this module of the ATALL Wikibook.

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