This is a book for learning to use the 3D modeling/animation software 3ds Max.

Lessons edit

  • Introduction to the interface - This section is for people intending to learn to use 3ds Max.
  • Beginner - This section is for users who know how to operate the basic controls and wish to learn how to model at a basic level.
  • Intermediate - This section is for anyone who already has a basic understanding of how to use and model with 3ds Max and wishes to expand their knowledge.
  • Advanced - This section is for any one who wishes to learn advanced modeling and animating features of 3ds Max.

Appendices edit

Glossary edit

  • Terminology - A reference of terms for 3ds Max.
  • Shortcuts - A reference of keyboard shortcuts in 3ds Max.
  • Modifiers - A list of Modifiers available in 3ds Max and their functions.