Autistic Survival Guide/Introduction

This project is an attempt to continue Marc Segar's book A survival guide for people with Asperger Syndrome. It is done in the same style as this book because the rationale behind that style appears to be sound. The sections are designed to be small and specific enough to allow people with possibly conflicting perspectives to collaborate in its development by adding new sections, while preserving the "structural integrity" of the thoughts contained within each section.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that every autistic individual has a different life experience that other autists can learn from, and everyone is therefore encouraged to contribute to this work by adding new sections in a brainstorming fashion. When contributing, it is worth bearing in mind that the rules in Marc's book are clear, unambiguous, and constructive, and they typically promote Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). Those rules, however, aren't always explained, which may be a problem in this work since other collaborators typically need to understand the reasoning before being able to build upon the ideas.

This book will probably not make much sense if you haven't read Marc's guide and see the value in it. Be aware that Marc seems to have spent much of his life working not only on this problem, but on how to express the things he has learned properly. His work is quite difficult to live up to.

It should be noted that this book is NOT intended to be an instruction manual to teach autistic spectrum people how to become non-autistic. It is designed to be used in many different ways, particularly in ways not yet envisaged, in the same way that a map shows how to get from any of many different locations to any of many other locations.