Authoring Foreign Language Textbooks/Learning curves

A gentle learning curveEdit

If you have to do a lot of learning before you have gained experience, this is a "steep" learning curve. A shallow curve (gradual learning) is better

It is important to gradually introduce the language to your readers. This keeps your readers interested, instead of frustrated, and allows you to go into greater depth in any given subject. Before moving on after describing a series of grammar points, provide your readers with a large number of examples, and exercises. Afterwards you can show the table as a summary of what was learned. While readers should be aware of exceptions, these might be better saved for later.

Don't expect the reader to have a deep knowledge of grammar or linguistics. Such concepts are still useful but the text may have to describe these or refer users to where they are explained. Use your best judgement in deciding which terms are reasonable to expect readers to know. Many readers, for instance, won't know what a "guttural", "plosive" or "voiced" sound is, much less know how to produce them.