Assistive Technology in Education

Assistive Technology in Education: Helping All Students Succeed

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Contents ·· Early Childhood ·· iPod Applications ·· Mac OS Accessibility ·· Windows Accessibility ·· Life Skills Class ·· Autistic Children (communication) ·· eBook Readers ·· DAISY Talking Books ·· Physically Handicapped ·· Proloquo2Go ·· Speech Recognition Software ·· Mathematics Class ·· Music Class



Assistive Technology can make the difference between a successful school experience and a failed one. As disabled students grow, they may be able to find technology that can help them a little bit, that can make up for their disability, or that can help them exceed what they or others ever expected. Assistive technology, or AT, is a field that is changing as fast or faster than the rest of technology used in teaching and learning. This book will initially focus on assistive technology that can be used in a normal classroom.

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