Art Tutorials/Traditional Media/Supplies and Tools

To create an artwork, you first require supplies and tools. For instance, to create an oil painting, you need something to paint on (often a piece of canvas), something to apply paint (for example, brushes), and oil paint.



ISO Paper Standards - Getting the right size paper is important. The most common standard is the ISO measurement system. This module details sizes and proportions.

ISO Paper sizes A Series A0 - 1149x841mm A1 - 841x594mm A2 - 594x420mm A3 - 420x297mm A4 - 297x201mm A5 - 210x148mm A6 - 148x105mm A7 - 105x74mm A8 - 74x52mm A9 - 52x37mm A10 - 37x26mm B Series B0 - 1414x1000mm B1 -1000x707mm B2 -707x 500mm B3 - 500x353mm B4 -353x250mm B5 -250x176mm B6 -176x125mm B7 -125x88mm B8 - 88x62mm B9 - 62x44mm B10 - 44x31mm C series C4 - 342x229 mm C5 - 229x114 mm C6 - 162x114 mm Imperial Foolscap - 330x200 mm Crown - 504x384 mm Demy - 564x444 mm Royal - 620x500 mm Elephant - 711x584 mm Imperial - 762x559 mm