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Drawing - whether with pen, pencil, crayon or something else, this is a fascinating way to create artworks. It is probably one of the easiest to begin with.

Drawing is the basis for most visual media art. Some people may say something like "I can paint, but I can't draw". This is silly since a strong base in drawing is needed to be good at painting, even for abstract painters.

Common Tools


This is a typical list of drawing tools from any college level drawing course. Your supplies may vary based on your needs.

  1. stick(s) of jumbo charcoal
  2. stick(s) of vine charcoal (soft or medium)
  3. charcoal pencil (4B)
  4. woodless pencil (6B)
  5. ebony pencil
  6. conté crayons
  7. blending stump
  8. pink pearl eraser
  9. kneaded eraser
  10. chamois skin or paper towel
  11. drawing paper tablet
  12. rough newsprint pad
  13. fixative

Tutorials and Exercises


Drawing from Life


Drawing from Life means drawing the three dimensional objects you see in front of you. Drawing from life is what will make your drawing skills improve fastest and is a great exercise at any skill level. Many beginners don't understand the value of it and eventually become bored and abandon it pretty soon. Give it a chance and try to draw from life on scrap paper or in your sketchbook whenever possible. And sometimes take your time to do elaborate long time still-life studies.

When you are just starting out all you will need is tons of cheap paper and pencils. For beginners it is best to choose simple geometric objects like balls, cylinders and cubes lit by a single light-source.



How To Draw A Face