Art Tutorials/How to Contribute

This section contains general guidelines to follow when contributing. If followed, these guidelines will allow for a much more consistent and informative wikibook.


  • Each major section should be written such that it can be printed off and used as a standalone resource.
  • External links and interlinking between major sections should be minimal.
  • Sub-sections should be minimally nested in order to create as linear of a section as possible.
  • External links should display the link URL in addition to the link text to be visible in printed formats.


  • Please do not simply write encyclopedia style articles. Leave content like this for wikipedia and reference it. Please keep this wikibook a how-to guide. You can, however, give summaries of wikipedia content where appropriate and important to the content.


  • Please try to only use images that are in the public domain or have the GPL license. This will allow this wikibook to be more distributable for other media (cd, print, etc.)

Naming Conventions and Language

  • Please use the term "artwork" or "work" when describing art rather than "piece" or other terms.
  • Please use the term "media" as the plural form of "medium" rather than "mediums"

It would probably be a good idea to specify whether to use American English or British English here.

International Conventions

  • If you use SAE measurements, please also specify metric measurements.


  • When using the name of a supply in a sentence, link to the page for the supply. If the page for the supply does not exist, make one.
  • Pages for supplies should include a picture if possible, description of use in the context of this book, and typical retail price and links to buy online if possible.