Art Tutorials/Digital Media/Digital Painting

Digital painting is the use of software instead of traditional means to make art. Because there is little to no clean-up required, few supplies required, and can be done virtually anywhere, digital painting is widely used and can be considered convenient, sometimes moreso than traditional methods.

What You'll Need edit

To make digital art, one requires a computer/tablet and an art program. Some may find a drawing tablet, also known as a graphics tablet, to be beneficial. These can be purchased online or at a tech store. They come with two parts: the tablet and pen, and are used like one is drawing on paper. Though they are popular and can simplify the artistic process, they are not necessary, and many artists use a mouse or even a trackpad.

There are many art programs, both free and premium, out there. Keep in mind that premium programs are not necessarily better than free ones.

Starting Up edit

When you first start an art program, you will be greeted with a blank canvas. This canvas can be modified in terms of shape, size, and resolution. Higher resolutions produce smoother results than lower resolutions, and bigger canvases show fewer pixels than smaller ones.