AROS Application Packages are presently only a basis for "per application" management.

It is the AROS Devs intentions to be able to provide a proper package file for installing/updating/distributing software at some time in the future of AROS.

Environment Variable Settings


Installed Packages have an Environment variable in ENV:SYS/Packages which points to the location in which they are installed.


AROSTCP's env variable is ENV:SYS/Packages/AROSTCP and contains "SYS:Extras/Networking/Stacks/AROSTCP" by default - the normal install location from the AROS ISO.

Other Packages should use the same convention for their environment variables - ENV:SYS/Packages/<Package Name>

Package Control Files


Inside the drawer the package is installed to you will find a script ("s/") folder.

This contains scripts which are used to perform startup/cleanup functions for packages.

currently there are the following files

This script is run during boot to perform actions necessary to make the package available for use.
It may perform normal script operations just as code that gets inserted into startup-sequence/user-startup however it is easier to control its use on a package basis if done using these scripts.
This script is used to close down a package completely. It should undo all things performed in PackageStartup if necessary