Personal Pronouns edit

In Aramaic there are two numbers and two genders, respectively they ae: singular, plural, masculine, feminine. In the pronouns

  1. First Person(sing., plur.): אנא(enaa), אנחנא(enachnaa)
  2. Second Person Masculine(sing., plur.): אַתּ(att), אַתּוּנ(attuun)
  3. Second Person Feminine(sing., plur.): אַתּ(att), אַתּין(attiin)
  4. Third Person Masculine(sing., plur.): הוּא(hu), הנוּן(hnuun)
  5. Third Person Feminine(sing., plur.): היא(hi), הנין(hniin)

Demonstrative Pronouns edit