So you want to ask where something is in Arabic. Well it is nearly impossible without knowing the Arabic word for "where". Now the Arabic word for "where" is أين (ay-na) only in questions.
For example, أين (ay-na) cannot be used for the following sentences. He ate where he slept. This is because (ay-na) makes a sentence automatically a question. So if where in the previous sentence "where" was translated as أين (ay-na). It would be interpreted as: He ate. Where did he sleep?
So take this as a lesson, Some Arabic words only share one use of an opposite English word. And an Arabic word never completely equals an English word in meaning, usage, notions, etc.

أين هو؟

ayna huwa
Where is he?

أين هو يا ترى؟

ayna huwa yaa tura
where the hell is he?
Notice that in the translation "the hell" was used. This is the most easily understandable translation. In the Arabic sentence there is no word for hell in it. So it cannot be considered impolite to say.