Arabic/Feminine and masculine nouns

Feminine and masculine nouns اَلأَسمَاءُ اَلمُؤَنَّثَةُ وَاَلمُذَكَّرَةُ

Nouns in the Arabic language are gendered. There are two genders: Feminine and masculine. The masculine gender is the main gender. To make a noun feminine, the letter ة is added at the end. The i3raab and tanween is transferred to ة. A >َ is added to the preceding letter. If the gender of the noun is unknown, the masculine form is used as it is the main gender.

مُدَرِّسٌ A (male) teacher

مُدَرِّسَةٌ A (female) teacher

كَاتِبٌ A (male) writer

كَاتِبَةٌ A (female) writer

There are some instances where there is no ة, yet the word is considered feminine. However, this is a special case, and should not be taken as a rule.