Arabic/Edited Work

This is an attempt to make a long text to organize my thoughts.

The book is composed of the following parts:

  1. Learning to Read Arabic
    • With Tashkeel
    • without tashkeel
  1. Phrases
    • Tourist Phrases
    • Airport
    • Taxi
    • Greeting
    • Parting
    • Question and Answer phrases
    • Conversation Changing phrases
    • Agreeing and disagreeing
    • Apologizing, and whose fault
    • Congratulating
  1. Basic Grammar
  1. Advanced Grammar
  2. Reader / Vocab
  3. Verb Reference (with intro to how to learn the verbs)
  4. Reference of particles أحراف (not verbs, and not nouns) (tells which moods go with each particle, and the meaning of each)