Arabic/Basic Sentences/ain't

mish=ain't Note that the word "lissa" is used in exactly the same way by some speakers. Note that "mish" can be pronounced "mush".

mish is a useful Arabic slang word. We will use it to make sentences that would translate to... _________ ain't __________.

So why would we teach a slang word to say "is not" rather than the other type?

  1. "mish" is extremely useful
  2. "laisa" is a verb and therefore requires conjugations
  3. because "laisa" is a verb the predicate changes case



notebook (daftar) دفتر

book (kitaab) كتاب

man (rajul) رجل

woman (imra'ä) إمرأة

big (kabiir) كبير



el-kitaab mish kabiir.

The book ain't big.

èl-daftar mish kabiir.

The notebook ain't big.

In the next lesson we will learn how to make "is" sentences such as:

The book is big. The notebook is big.

This requires the removal of "mish" from the sentence.