Arabic/Basic Phrases

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Basic phrases

Syllable breakdown: sħuk-ran
Thank You
min fadžli-ka
Syllable breakdown: min-fadž-lik
If you please
Syllable breakdown: ar-juuk
Please /I'm begging you
Syllable breakdown: ah-lân

Syllable breakdown: na'am


Syllable breakdown: laa

Syllable breakdown: na-rħam
Yes also used as a question, when someone calls another person's name.
Syllable breakdown: ya-saar
left i.e. The direction: left.
Syllable breakdown: ya-miin
right i.e. The direction right (opposite of left).
How are you, Meeting and greeting people.
as salaamu alaikum
Syllable breakdown:as-sa-laa-mu a-lai-kum
May Peace be with you Islamic Religious origins and a very common greeting.
wa alaikumu èl salaamu
Syllable breakdown: wa-a-lai-ku-mus-sa-laam
And may peace be with you. It is the response to the above phrase.
kam am-ri-ka
Syllable breakdown: kam-am-rik
How old are you?
Syllable breakdown:ta-sħar-raf-naa
We are honoured used to mean "it was an honour to meet you"
ma asalama
Syllable breakdown:ma-as-sa-laa-mah
Take care.
Syllable breakdown:wa-daa-`an
min ayyi daulatiń anta?
Syllable breakdown: min-ay-yi-dau-la-tin-ant
What country are you from?
min aina anta?
Syllable breakdown: min-ai-na-ant
Where are you from?
ilaà el liqaa'i
Syllable breakdown: i-lal-li-qaa'
See you.
Syllable breakdown: raa-irħ
Awesome! OR Splendid!
Syllable breakdown: hay-ya
Come on."
hayyaa bi-naa
Syllable breakdown: hay-ya-bi-naa
Let's do this
li nadħhab
Syllable breakdown: li-nadħ-hab
Let's go
Syllable breakdown: ha-sa-nan
Syllable breakdown: mar-ha-baa
Syllable breakdown: a-jal
Yes// Certainly

Never used to answer someone calling another's name. Often used when agreeing with someone.

a laisa ka-dħaalika?
Syllable breakdown: a-lai-sa-ka-dhaa-lik
right? This right is not the opposite of "left". This is an example of a negative question.
Syllable breakdown: ba-laa
Yes, sometimes interpereted as a stronger yes. It is used in answering a negative question, because any other Arabic "yes" word would translate as "no" in English.


Sylable breakdown: kal-laa
Ney/No way
ma el amr
Syllable breakdown: mal-amr
What is it? When "it" is not a tangible object.
"amr" is sometimes translated as "affair"
maa esmu-ka
Syllable breakdown: mas-muk
What is your name?
Syllable breakdown: as-mii
My name is ...
Syllable breakdown: jay-yid
kaifa hžaalu-ka
Syllable breakdown: kay-fa-haa-luk
How are you? (informal)
bi kħairiń
Syllable breakdown: bi-khair
(For the how are you questions only)
Other useful phrases.
aina al-hamaam
Syllable breakdown: ai-nal-ham-maam
Where is the washroom?
aina al-mataar
Syllable breakdown: ai-nal-ma-taar
Where is the airport?
aina al-funduq
Syllable breakdown: ai-nal-fun-duq
Where is the hotel?
ana uhibbu haadhihi al-madeenäh
I love this city.
hal tatahaddethiina al enjiliiziyyäh
Syllable breakdown: hal-ta-ta-Had-di-thee-na-al-in-ji-lee-zee
Do you speak english? When talking to a female.
hal tashraba al-shaay?
Syllable breakdown: hal-tash-ra-bash shaay
Do you drink tea? When talking to a male.
min ayyi daulatiń anta?
Syllable breakdown: min-ay-yi-dau-la-tin-ant
What country are you from?
Words alone: hal tashrabiina al-shaay?
Syllable breakdown: hal-tash-ra-bee-nash-shaay?
Do you drink tea? When talking to a female.
Words alone: hal ta'kul al-laham
Syllable breakdown:hal-ta'-ku-lal-la-ham? '=glottal stop does not equal 3 ع
Do you (guy) eat meat? When talking to a male.
Words alone: hal ta'kuluun al-laham?
Spoken fluently: hal-ta'-ku-lunal-la-ham?
Do you (guys) eat meat? When talking to a group that has some males.
Do you (girl) eat meat? When talking to a female.
Talking about yourself.
laa aakulu al-laham
Sylable breakdown: laa-aa-ku-lul-la-Ham
I don't eat meat
laa aakulu laham al-khunzeer
Sylable breakdown: laa-aa-ku-lu-la-Ham-al-khun-zeer
I don't eat pork
laa ashrabu al-shaay
Sylable breakdown: laa-ash-ra-bul-shay
I don't drink tea
ureedu an aakul
Sylable breakdown: u-ree-du-an-aa-kul
I want to eat.
ureedu an aakul al-khubz
Sylable breakdown: u-ree-du-an-aa-ku-lal-khubz
I want to eat bread.
ana astatii`u an atakallama al-lughatu al-injileeziyah
Sylable breakdown: a-na-as-ta-tii-`u-an-a-ta-kal-la-mal-lu-gha-tul-in-gi-lee-zee
I can speak English.
  • Arabic (al-ara'beeya)
  • Hello (mar'Haba)
  • Good-bye (ila-lli'qa')
  • Please (min 'fad/lak)
  • Thank you ('Shukran)
  • That one ('Dalika)
  • How much? (kam)
  • English (colloquial)
  • Yes ('na-am)
  • No (la:)
  • Where's the bathroom? (aina-ham'ma:m)
  • What is your name? ('ma 'ismuk)
  • Goodbye (ma-a ssa'lama)
  • I don't know (laa a`rif)
  • I don't understand (laa afham)
  • I don't remember (laa atadhakkar)
  • Welcome (ahlan wa sahlan bikum)
  • I am sick (ana marid)
  • Hello (assalaamu `alaikum)
  • Hello (response), how are you? (wa-`alaikum al-salaam. kaifa al-haal)
  • Fine (Thank to god), and you? (bikhair, alhamdu lillaahi. wa inta)