Applications of ICT in Libraries/Digital Culture - Online Collaboration

Digital Culture - Online CollaborationEdit

This is the second of two units that are relatively new additions to the Application of ICT in Libraries course. This session will explore the new digital literacies that you need to develop to be active users of Social Media tools and you will also get the chance to communicate online using a number of these services. The full course materials are hosted for registered students on the Application of ICT in Libraries pages on Moodle.

This module will enable you explore more fully the collaborative nature of social media and work within a group to complete all the learning outcomes. You learning outcomes will include:

  • Exploring virtual communities and how the concept of 'community' changed with the spread of social media
  • Using a forum to facilitate professional discussions
  • Using collaborative documents and cloud computing to complete a group project
  • Exploring the potential of social networking for continuing professional development
  • Developing, editing and publishing a collaborative blog
  • Meeting, collaborating and exploring with your group in a virtual world

  Each learning outcome has a series of short activities that you will participate in with your class group. The tutor will deliver one face to face class session in North Wales and South Wales and the remainder of the time will facilitate the course online. This is a practical module that uses social media to explore social media - you have permission to play!