Apache Ant/Adoption

Organizational Ant AdoptionEdit

We have found that most people new to Ant go through several stages of learning Ant.

The three stages of learning core Ant functionalityEdit

  1. Learn the grammar and syntax of XML and a build file- this goes quickly if you know any XML or HTML (about 15 minutes)
  2. Learn the Ant concepts of properties, dependencies and task (about two hours)
  3. Build your vocabulary: Learn the basic Ant tasks you need to get your job done (duration depends on what you are doing)

Transform Your Organization!Edit

  • Integrating it into your development/QA process
  • Making it a requirement of all projects
  • Specifying that all vendor deliverables MUST include a reproducible build process
  • Problematic for Microsoft developers that are not familiar with Ant
  • Problematic for "visual only" development environments (Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Analysis Services)

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