Announcing: Communicating on Broadcast Media is an open-content textbook on the profession of announcing. It is a free online book anyone can read, write, or edit.

Broadly defined, announcing is the professional practice of vocally communicating messages to an audience through broadcast media. Those who practice this profession are called announcers, although most announcers prefer to use a more descriptive title to describe what they do. Some announcers work in radio as "disk jockeys," radio journalists or program hosts. Some announcers work in television as newscasters, sportscasters or "booth announcers." Some announcers are voice actors who specialize in doing commercial "voice overs," narrating documentaries or providing voices for animated films. Still other announcers communicate using public address systems, such as those found at sports stadiums, racing tracks and "disco" nightclubs. Although there are many different kinds of announcers, a common thread through all of these occupations is the central importance of using one's voice to effectively communicate a message.

Table of Contents


Unit 1: Announcing Basics

Unit 2: Developing Your Voice

Unit 3: Broadcast Journalism