Animation:Master Features/Post Effects

Post Effects are image alterations applied to an image after it has been rendered but before it is saved. For example, the "FrameBurn" Post Effect will add a frame number to the upper right corner of a rendered image

In Animation:Master Post Effects are applied to a Camera in a Choreography.

Loading a Post Effect edit

In the Project Workspace (PWS) window:

Post Effects folder>RMB>New>Post Effect

A new "Post Effect" will appear in Post Effects folder. Then:

Post Effect>RMB>Change Type to>Hash Inc.>select a post effect from list

Using a Post Effect edit

A post effect must be applied to a Camera in a Choreography.

Either drag the Post Effect from the Post Effects folder onto the desired camera, or select the camera>RMB>New>Post Effect>select a post effect from list

When going to render, Buffers>Apply camera's Post Effects to renderings must be ON in the Render Settings dialog.