Animal Crossing: Wild World/Tom Nook

Aside from your home, Tom Nook's shop is one of the most important places in your town. Every day, Tom Nook will get a new shipment of items for you to purchase: furniture, tools, flowers and trees, and stationary. Tom Nook is by no means your sole supplier of goods, but you'll probably buy more stuff from him than from anyone else.

Another reason to frequent Tom Nook's store is to sell items. Nook will buy almost anything you can bring him. Bring fish, bugs, fruit, fossils, clothing, furniture or anything else you collect, and he will pay Bells for them.

As a businessman, you can't expect Nook to work out of a shack forever. As you buy and sell from him, he'll occasionally upgrade his shop. It will become bigger, nicer, and have a larger selection of items. The downside to this upgrade is that Tom Nook closes his store for a day. That's an entire day devoid of purchasing or selling. On these days, you can visit any other town online and simply shop at their store.

  • All of Tom Nook's Shops are open from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm every day of the week.
  • Nook buys items from you at any time when his store is open.
  • He will tell you current turnip prices and buy turnips from you Monday-Saturday (His turnip prices change at noon)
  • He also sells you items whenever his shops are open.

Nook's cranny edit

More of a shack than a shop. This is the first of Nook's shops.

Inventory edit

  • 2 pieces of furniture
  • 1 carpet
  • 1 wallpaper
  • 1 box of medicine
  • 1 Message in a bottle
  • 1 Piece of Stationery
  • 1 Bag of seeds
  • 2 Tools

Upgrade edit

In order to upgrade to the next shop you need to buy and sell items for a total of 25,000 Bells.

Nook 'n Go edit

A slightly bigger and better furnished shop now.

Inventory edit

  • 3 pieces of furniture
  • 1 carpet
  • 1 wallpaper
  • 1 box of medicine
  • 1 note in a bottle
  • 2 Pieces of Stationery
  • 2 Bags of seeds
  • 1 sapling
  • 3 Tools

Upgrade edit

In order to upgrade to the next shop you need to buy and sell items for a total of 90,000 Bells.

Nookway edit

The second biggest shop, now looks like a furnished supermarket.

Inventory edit

  • A table that offers a selection of four tools
  • A table that offers a selection of three different types of writing paper
  • A table that offers two saplings and four bags of flower seeds
  • A table that offers a Message Bottle and Medicine
  • A table that offers 2 carpets and 2 wallpapers
  • Five pieces of furniture
  • On special occasions a Spotlight product is offered

Upgrade edit

In order to upgrade to the next shop you need to buy and sell items for a total of 240,000 Bells and have a friend from another town buy an item from him.

Nookington's edit

When you enter the new shop, Nook will announce:

Nookington's features a new second floor filled with exciting new merchandise as well as a hair salon on the first floor! There, top stylist Harriet will cut your hair to your precise specifications!

In addition to the new hair salon, Tom Nook has employed two young helpers. Timmy and Tommy are in charge of the second floor in Nookington's.

Grand bulletin board edit

  • Second Floor
  • Home Furnishings
  • Sundries

The main room of the first floor edit

  • A table displaying 6 out of 7 tools
  • A table that displays three saplings and 7 bags of seeds
  • A table displaying four different kinds of writing paper/stationary, a Note in a Bottle and Medicine
  • The hair salon is a separate room, with a traditional barber's pole next to the door called "Shampoodles's" Resulting in 14 different hairstyles, 28 if Harriet thinks that you would look good with a boyish/girlish pixie cut.

The second floor edit

  • Space for nine furniture items. (Spotlight products are found in the top left spot when in stock)
  • A table displaying 3 wallpapers, 3 carpets and a tin of paint.

Point System edit

Nook's store also has a Point-Trading Machine (PTM). The PTM keeps track of the points earned when you shop. For every 100 bells that you spend at Nook's you will earn one point. On certain special days (which are announced on the bulletin board) you can earn up to five points per 100 bells you spend. There are different membership tiers you can earn with points. Each membership has a prize (with HRA bonuses) and a discount associated with it.

Points earned Membership level Prize Discount
300 Member Nook's Cranny model 0%
5,000 Silver Nook 'n Go model 5%
10,000 Gold Nookways model 10%
20,000 Platinum Nookington's model 20%