Animal Crossing: Wild World/Random Tips

  • A theory suggests that if no other visitor appears in town on a given day, and Pete the Pelican does not fly by at 9am and 5pm, that there is a good chance Gulliver will appear at some point during the day.
  • Black roses can be hybridized from pairs of red roses. Purple Roses will spawn from pairs of white roses.
    • Crossing Black and Purple Roses can produce Blue Roses. Blue and Gold Roses are both worth 2,500 bells at Nook's.
  • Villager Photos are worth large amounts of HRA points, mail them lots of letters and talk to them often to get them to like the player.
  • Coconuts spring up on the beach occasionally if players keep it clean of sea shells. These coconuts are necessary to get some bugs for the museum, so it's generally recommended the players have at least one coconut tree.
  • Want snowman items? You will have to make a perfect snowman, then the snowman will send you a letter with one of the items in the rare snowman set.
  • If you play DS to DS or on Wi-Fi with friends, the people from their town will write and sometimes move from their town to yours