Anim8or - Basics to Advanced/QuickStart

Part 1: Modeling edit

Welcome to Part 1 of the Anim8or - Basics to Advanced QuickStart. This first part of the Quickstart will show you how to model the shape of a Gingerbread man. Many of you may be familiar with the Gingerbread man modeling from the Blender book. This article will show you how to do exactly that with similar results, except we are going to use Anim8or, not Blender. So go ahead and open up Anim8or and let's start.

Creating the Body edit

First off, start up the Anim8or program. Make sure you are in front view by pressing (NUM – 5). Also make sure you are in Object Edit mode by pressing (SHIFT – A).

We are going to draw a cube, which we will edit to form our gingerbread man. Select the Cube draw button by pressing (SHIFT – C). Move your mouse pointer to the workspace and click and drag the mouse to form a cube. Next, get the Select tool (A) and double-click the cube you just drew. Make sure the location of the cube is in the center by setting the x, y, and z parameters to 0. Then in the Divisions, set them to 2 in each direction. For the size, set x, y, and z to 20. Then hit the OK button: