Anim8or - Basics to Advanced/PreReq 3

PreRequisite 3 - Downloading and Installing Anim8or


Here we are going to cover how to obtain the Anim8or program and how to run it.

First go to the Anim8or main website at Click on the spinning “Enter” text on the bottom and you will be at the main page. From the menu at the left, select the “Download” link. When you get to that page, select the zip file right under the header “Download Anim8or Executable” and download the zip file to a target folder. Optionally you can go a little bit below that header and download the PDF manual for Anim8or in zip format. Once you have all the files downloaded, unzip the Anim8or zip file and look in the unzipped folder. You should only see just one item in the folder called “Anim8or.exe”. Double-click that to open it. Congratulations on obtaining and running Anim8or.