Ancient Domains of Mystery/Artifacts and Items

Artifacts and Items


Special items you may need... artifacts being indestructible items.

Trident of the Red Rooster


Can you just hear Andor Drakon screaming as you suck his power away and become an Ultimate Chaos God? Here are the steps to obtaining this wonderful item.

  1. Be careful that your first kill is not an exceedingly common monster, or you will be in big trouble later.
  2. Save Khelavaster from a certain death, for he is the only one who can perform the powerful magic required to summon the Trident. (If you aspire to become an Ultimate Chaos God, this may seem out of character. Just remember that you are perfectly free to slaughter Khelavaster with his own Trident once you have it.)
  3. Kill "Barney" and keep Needle (which looks like any other dagger until you identify it).
  4. Go find where the Assassin Prince is hiding in the Dusty Dungeon. If you are at least level 45, he will tell you that the Mad Minstrel wants someone killed.
  5. Once you've killed your target (who is in the Infinite Dungeon), report to the Mad Minstrel, who will tell you the location of the Scintillating Cave.
  6. Kill the Emperor Moloch... quickly, before Chaos takes you... and take his scroll.
  7. Bring this scroll to Khelavaster in Terinyo, and he should summon the Trident for you. Remember that he is lawful and does not approve of chaotics.

Chaos Insignia


3 special artifacts, Medal, Sceptre and Crown that let you enter the Gate without being eaten. The Sceptre is not required if you have the Trident of the Red Rooster.

Phial of Caladriel


Besides the obvious book rip off, it is pretty much useless except for wasting mana points to fry gremlins, or as fodder for a certain unstable individual somewhere in the CoC. It's good if you have loads of spare mana and you don't have a Light spell when surrounded by darkness. You don't want the grue to get you, do you?

Golden Gladius


Trade for a skill bonanza, or keep as a prize...