Section A - What is Anarchism?

Section B - Why do anarchists oppose the current system?

Section C - What are the myths of capitalist economics?

Section D - How does statism and capitalism affect society?

Section E - What do anarchists think causes ecological problems?

Section F - Is "anarcho"-capitalism a type of anarchism?


The following self-proclaimed anarchists are (mostly) responsible for this FAQ:

  • Iain McKay (main contributor and editor)
  • Gary Elkin
  • Dave Neal
  • Ed Boraas

We would like to thank the following for their contributions and feedback:

  • Andrew Flood
  • Mike Ballard
  • Francois Coquet
  • Jamal Hannah
  • Mike Huben
  • Greg Alt
  • Chuck Munson
  • Pauline McCormack
  • Nestor McNab
  • Kevin Carson
  • Shawn Wilber
  • ...and our comrades on the anarchy, oneunion and organise! mailing lists.

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