An Introduction to Python For Undergraduate Engineers/What Is This Wikibook About?

This wikibook is designed to act as an introductory course in Python aimed at non-programmers with a particular emphasis on the use of Python in solving and modelling engineering problems. It is written in such a way that it could form part of the teaching material used in a degree-level course in programming for engineers. It is meant to give non-programmers a fast, simple and straightforward route into creating Python programs to solve mathematical problems, but is not meant to be a comprehensive course in using the Python language. There are already some good wikibooks on Python, this is meant to be a quick start guide for engineers. Think of it as a springboard to bounce you straight into using Python quickly!

The key aims of this book are:

  • Expect no prior programming experience.
  • Be clear and straightforward to understand, keeping as non-technical as possible.
  • Get the reader programming as quickly as possible with plenty of examples.
  • Demonstrate that Python can be used to solve and model mathematical and engineering problems.