An Introduction to Python For Undergraduate Engineers/Matrices

Matrices can be created in the following way:

   mymatrix = Matrix([[1,2],[3,4]])

In this example, [1,2] produces the first line of the matrix and [2,3] creates the second.

Quick Standard MatricesEdit

The following built in functions can be used to quickly create some standard matrices of specified size.

Command Description Example
eye() Identity Matrix eye(4) creates a 4x4 identity matrix
zeros() Empty Matrix zeros(2,3) creates a 2x3 matrix of zeros
ones() Matrix of 1s ones(2) creates a 2x2 matrix of ones

Getting the Size of a MatrixEdit

You can find out the size of a matrix using the .shape[] command, for example:

Command Description
.shape[0] Gives number of rows
.shape[1] Gives number of columns