American Indians Today/Preface

Originally the text of this wikibook had been a piece of work for the English course of a final class at a German grammar school, therefore I beg your pardon if it is not complete or in some issues wrong. I am no American Indian but I was very interested in Native Americans when I was young. So I was embarrassed about myself as I realized that I hardly know anything about the American Indians that live today, only about the period of time shortly after the arrival of the Europeans. So when we had to find a topic for a piece of work, which had to be written in the 13th grade in our grammar school, I remembered my lack of knowledge concerning the American Indians' situation. I talked to classmates, family members and friends and found out how much (or little) they know about it. One answer was:

"Oh, Indians. Are there still any?"

So my decision was made. I hope you will enjoy reading and add more information, especially about Canadian First Nations, because I couldn't mention them in my piece of work (otherwise it would have had more than 100 pages) and freeware photos.