America's Army: Special Forces/Urban Assault Tactics

Urban Assault edit

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The Urban Assault mission was introduced in America's Army: Special Forces (Firefight) (version 2.3.0). It is a 172nd Sep. Infantry BDE mission, as opposed to the Special Forces missions that were introduced in some previous versions of America's Army. The weapon loadout reflects that this is not a Special Forces mission.

Tactics edit

Hey you out there. My name is The-Big-Cheese. and I love urban. According to the tracker I've played bout 50 hours of urban. So, I know my stuff, I think.

The Rush – Rush east or west. In my opinion a good tactic but it is often overused and some good grenade spams will get you every time. And, if you don't have a quick trigger finger you're pretty much doomed. Best if you use the AR.

Assault West – My favorite thing to do on this team is to cover the India West ally and then head up the stairs to the left into Delta west. For sniper I like to go prone and supported on that ledge, but be careful, chances are you will be flanked. If you're just a regular rifleman head left at the top of the staircase and then crouch near the corner. By doing this and holding W your head is the only thing exposed, and you have a good view of the Eastern objective. Also, you can head right and crouch when you get on the bunkers. You have a good view of the western hear [I'm unsure what 'hear' is supposed to be]. Or you can go on through and clear out the enemies. Also on this team you can rush east and pick of the campers that are at the Foxtrot Vantage point and that ally (I forgot the name).

Assault East – My favorite tactic to head straight and then turn right into the Alpha Building? (it's gray) Cover the west, and you can pick off some rushers from this position. This is the best team to rush as well. If you are sniper, go straight and left. Go prone and supported at the very end of the ally, and you can pick of some guys coming around the corner. Also, you can heard to east and pick off some rushers and the people who use the tactics I described earlier. Also on this team you can use the UrbaNade which is a grenade spam which allows you to throw a frag into the western objective from the outside. Its on the aaotracker forums somewhere. [Is this an exploit?]

Also, this is a good team to camp the foxtrot and get in the window and pick off people.

So, in conclusion. Urban is a fast map with fast honor and fast rounds. Which, makes it the greatest for me. Lots of CQB, and intense action.

DragonJTS's hints- watch out when sniping. The best spots are often able to be entered from several points, or offer no view of the entryway, making it easy for someone to sneak up behind you. Also make sure that you can exit a room fast without running into a wall or table, as the small rooms are perfect targets for nades. Lastly, be able to quickly identify OPFOR's, as the small rooms mean by the time you see someone, you'll be face-to-face with someone and have less then a second to react accordingly.

[KYA]$!t.DoWn^[SL] 's tactics – This map is all about stealth, believe it or not. One of my favorite things to do on Assault West is to head all the way right and go prone behind the pillars and while in scope slowly move across to the right. This will allow you to easily pick off any enemies rushing down this alley. For Assault East, a good spot is within the ruins at your spawn. There is a corner in these ruins that I go prone in and look down the alley (to the right of the spawn), this is a great spot to pick off enemies coming around the corner from the far right alley.

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