America's Army: Special Forces/Tactical Maps

These images are just to give a rough overview of the map and point out important landmarks and tactics.

Current Maps edit

Bridge Crossing SE

Taking Map Screenshots edit

  1. In America's Army hit the "~" key to open the console
  2. Type "open " followed by the name of the map you want to load (check your americasarmy/maps/ folder for exact names).
  3. While still in the console, type "playerlock 0" then "fly". Now you should be able to move around and fly.
  4. Now, type "devmode 1" followed by "show fog". This toggles the fog, type again to turn on.
  5. Find a spot in the sky where you can get a good shot and hit "F9" to take a screenshot.
  6. Paste into your favorite graphics program and tidy it up. Be sure to play with the contrast so everything is easy to make out.

Important Note: Make sure you type "devmode 0" into the console before playing online. I'm not sure what will happen if you don't, but people have hinted that it won't be fun. :)

you will get kicked and banned if you forget this step--DesertFox_59 {X} 19:46, 12 Dec 2004 (UTC)

"show fog" no longer works as of 2.5 LezChap 07:26, 22 February 2006 (UTC)