America's Army: Special Forces/Special Forces Training


Keep in mind that special forces training is supposed to be hard. This being the case, we can and will only give hints.

Evade and EscapeEdit

  1. Stay Slow and Low.

Always Crouch.

  1. Always take the longest route.

Never The Shortest, even when you need more time then you need.

  1. Stay away from guards, lights, hilltops, and towers.

They will spot you.

  1. Do not cross bridges.

Its easy to see you.

  1. Listen to the guy in the 'copter.

He gives instructions.

  1. If you need to go near towers, time the light and remember, Low and Slow! (Make sure Dynamic Lighting is turned on in your Video Settings so you can SEE the light.)

This is needed.

  1. Learn the enemy speech using the OPFORian translator to know when it's safe to proceed.
  2. Run until you are spotted, then drop prone and don't move – you can do the whole thing with this method (and some luck) in about 10 min.
  3. Make sure you're going the right way. If you don't, the guards have super-vision and stuff. If the guards seem to catch you way too easily, chances are you're going the wrong way, but give it a couple more tries before giving up.
  4. Use riverbeds.
  5. Use SLOW prone in shrubs and bushes.
  6. Use SLOW prone around enemy camps and sentries.

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