America's Army: Special Forces/SF Taiga Tactics

Basic InformationEdit

Weapons: M4A1 SOPMOD, RPK (IF), AKS-74U (IF), RPG-7 (IF), VSS Vintorez (IF), fragmentation, flashbang, smoke, and incendiary grenades

Mission Type: Live Fire.

Version Deployment: America's Army: Special Forces (Vanguard) (v2.2)

Spawn Points: 26

Description: Enemy forces purchased a small number of SAGGER anti-armor missiles for use by insurgent forces. They are hiding these missiles within civilian camps skirting a mountain road. These missiles will enable the insurgency to ambush both civilian and government convoys at extended ranges. A Special Forces ODA along with Indigenous Forces have been deployed to locate and destroy SAGGER missile caches in order to disrupt enemy combat operations within the area of operations.