America's Army: Special Forces/SF Snake Plain Tactics

New to 2.7, SF Snake Plain is a 9 vs AI map. It features a large desert area, with a fort at the center, and a few outposts around. This is also the map that features the HMMWVs, which allow ease of transportation between the spawn, outpost, and the fort.


  1. Secure intel. The Obj resembles a map or sort.
  2. Free the POW
  3. Thermite Stinger Cache. The Obj is a white cache.
  4. Thermite Mortar Cache. The Obj is a white cache.


The 9 men squad consisted of 4xSOPMOD, 2x SAW, 1x M82, and 1x SPR; One of these 8 member will also carry a Javelin around. They will spawn in an area around the northeast quadrant. As well, there is also the POW, held somewhere around the map.

The POW, however, is not helpless; he can free himself by looking at the lock and holding down the "use" key (default F). Once the lock is picked, Objective B is done. When he is free from the cell, he should pick up a weapon from the table nearby (the one with the radio on it). The weapon is either a RPK, AK-47, or the M9 pistol + 2 clips. With that done, he should proceed to the door nearby.

At that moment, the SAI will come on line, telling where the POW is. POW could either be in one of the many outpost, or in the Fort's basement. If he is in basement, he is in luck, as his captured weapon is also at the same level. Look around; there should be his SOPMOD (with his configuration) + 3 clips, 3xFrag, 3x Smoke, 2x Thermite, and 2x Door Breacher. Also, he should see if Obj A or Obj C is in that level.

If POW appears in one the the outposts, he should look around to see if the Mortar cache is around. If so, report to the allies.


Upon beginning the mission, start mounting the HMMWV. All the advance marksmen must mount the same vehicle, preferable HUMVEE1. All the javelin carriers must mount HUMVEE2.

When you are on the move, HUMVEE1 should head for the Northhill area to take out the 2 or 3 nearby spotters if possible. Go behind the hill and dismount the snipers. The sniper's role in this strategy is to ensure that the guards with the RPG-7 cannot harm HUMVEE2 as well as other mortars spotters in the distance.

HUMVEE2 should head straight for the fortress soon after the snipers have reported to be ready to take out guards. HUMVEE2 should head up the nearest road and around the fortress instead of around past the T-62 tank. When they arrive at the back door (not the gates) behind the fortress, the driver, and the two javelin carriers must dismount leaving one man behind the CROWS incase of a BTR (8 wheeled) QRF approaching. One javelin carrier can go ahead and take out the tank. The other javelin carrier must wait for the BMP (tracked) which is easier to take down with a Javelin than an AT4. HUMVEE2's MK.19 CROWS can take care of the BTR with the QRF. (make sure to save 40mm grenades.)

The rest of the team should meet up at the back door. Breach it and eliminate as many enemies as possible. Slowly make your way to where OBJ A is known to be. Remember, these three paragraphs will not take more than 4 minutes to do. Position the second javelin carrier on one of the battlements while the rest of the team (on-foot) should attempt to capture OBJ A. Once that has been found. The CROWS gunner in HUMVEE2 (who is waiting outside) should head straight for OBJ D. The rest of the team can go to capture and destroy OBJ C. At this time, it should be around 7 minutes or more into the game, the QRF should be arriving anytime. Both the BTR and BMP might appear at the same time but from different places. If the BTR hasn't been destroyed earlier, anyone carrying AT4s can help to take them out. The second javelin carrier should only target the BMP to ensure that HUMVEE2 (which is heading for OBJ D) survives to get to where it is going.

If done properly, this strategy offers 100% efficiency, and zero casualties. It has been play tested and it works perfectly. Remember as this strategy is to be executed with team coordination, cooperation, and skill. If anyone at anytime does not comply with the team leaders or the entire plan, the chances of pulling off this strategy are short and slim.