America's Army: Special Forces/SF Sandstorm Tactics

As (Loki "The Noob") has already mentioned; if you have the RPK rush middle and prevail. But, there is a problem with that - flashbangs! Both sides are able to pitch em over the center and hit whoever is on the other side, which is quite effective. But still a rushing RPK can be devastating to a team. With the RPK one can usually average 10-15 kills a round, and you can perhaps hit 20 to 27 kills with great skill.


If you are on west it's a good idea to go for obj. A. The impatient ones will ask why? Well, here is why...high ground and cover. Obj. A has the house with windows and that busted up corner chardawal thing (what the hell is a chardawal?) If East rushes south into the valley picking em off as they come into sight is pretty easy from the corner...If they penetrate that whole in the east wall the person in the house can get em...also, if they are smart and 203 the windows of the house you can get em from the roof/patio thing to the south of the house (If you haven't eaten a 203 while in building of course). Also, as with all the obj. areas there are plenty of little hiding spots to hide in. My favorite spot is the busted corner, not only for the aforementioned reason, but because you can also watch the main south wall. Also if you are blazy and got a teammate to cover your back you can pass up the objective, rush into valley and clean up...this also prevents people from skulking around the obj and coming in the NE corner and taking the obj right after you left A.

If west decides to rush B I recommend you coordinate SF w/ the RPK' throw flashes over while RPK rushes into the little room North of B and out into the NW careful though cuz East can get the high ground and has good cover to cover the two doors leading out. Smart players who encounter the B rush will start to hang in courtyard under cover and pick you off as you come out the door. Not only that, they can get onto the top level there and do the same thing. Because of the upper levels I also recommend that you have a guy or two on top of the NW building with the hole in the our for 203's coming at ya though. Another good rush tactic for B is to stick to the south wall area coming out into the SW courtyard and possibly flanking the East team. I don't recommend rushing toward B then into the little alley leading to the NE whole cuz you will get popped in the back from above, course if you have guys on the NW building your good to go. But watch out for Easties just on the other side of the whole.

Rushing South from West is also a good idea...You can get into the house faster then East can and having the high ground is always a good thing...Also going into the South valley from west can also be quite effective. Allot of times East is already on their way to B and you can get the obj. behind em and come up behind em as they go toward B.


East is somewhat harder than west.

Rushing obj C. from East can be quite important...and holding it...stick around and make sure OpFor doesn't coming up outa valley and make you go "WTF, I just took that obj." If you rush B do the same thing as you would from West...Flash and take north room. Also make sure a guy or two goes up onto the upper level and watches the alley between B buildings and the NW building. I should add here that obj. B is very important...It has it's down sides though...allot of approaches. If you are the last guy and have more than one obj. then try and camp the guy holding B can be a challenge... although the stairs on the south wall is a very good place to whole up. Running south can be a pretty good strategy also. From South you can take valley and then into out for West coming outa the west into the SW courtyard though. If you discover that West is holding up around C then you can take valley and flank em.

Map LayoutEdit

Even though this map is considered a CQB map it is very wide open and has allot of different options, so explore them! As with any good team, OpFor will adapt and you will have to change tactics and approaches. Also, don't be afraid to slow crouch around the map. This makes it hard for Opfor to hear you, which could be a critical edge.

Also, pay attention to the objectives...can't count how many times OpFor has sent someone to each obj. and won the game in like 40 secs (kinda embarrassing). On the other hand don't be afraid to hold back and wait for the other team to rush...both sides can mow the other down as they come at em.