America's Army: Special Forces/SF Hospital Tactics

On escort, grab an SF gun and run up to the helipad from the pile of dirt and go across to the ladder on the ambush side. Make sure you switch your gun to grenade.

SF Hospital gameplay

Escort SF Tactic edit

First look in low west wing... fire a grenade in if you see anyone. Second look at the ambush approach and kill anyone there w/ 203 or ACOG scope. Look out for campers staying under trucks or anything... most likely they will kill you.

After I do this I either hook up with the VIP, or head up to West Wing Roof to pick off snipers and such.

NOTE: Against a good ambush team this will not work more than once.

Another option, which i see frequently, is a liberal amount of smoke grenade: the escort will throw low of smoke grenades around the front door and helipad. The VIP will make it to the front door, and run up the escort side stairs. In this case, you only need a point man or two around the helipad.


Options for VIPs edit

When your the unlucky sap who gets stuck with the VIP slot, there are a few options for you to use:

1. Hide somewhere in the VIP room and wait for your team

People usually disapprove of this as it usually stretches out the game lots. However, It can be used, and you get to see all the enemy n00bs walk right past you. Good spots are jumping on top of the sink and then on top of the medicine cabinet, in the curtains on both sides of the VIP room splitting door, and prone on a bed.

2. Hide in VIP room and after a minute or two, go around through the Garage

Usually a pretty interesting move, as you come upon a unexpecting enemy. You can pop out of the garage and follow their rusher route to the helipad, go out through the west wing, or be daring and go up and kill any snipers on the roof.

3. Hide somewhere on the bottom floor and wait for your team.

Any old little room where you won't be seen, or won't likely be populated, works. Not many places on the bottom floor are totally hidden, so just having a peek coming out might be considered OK. Again, usually somewhat frowned upon.

4. Hide somewhere on the bottom floor and after a minute or two, go somewhere.

Again, any old little room where you won't be seen, or won't likely be populated works. Not many places on the bottom floor are totally hidden, so just having a peek coming out might be considered OK. After any Es pass, you can go to the bottom lobby, up top, etc.

5. Rush the bottom lobby.

Here, you can go through the hallways or operating room to get quickly to the bottom lobby, where teammates and smoke should be waiting. Then its a walk up the stairs, a quick walk in the open, and a win. However, be aware of West roof SPRs, AKs, Scoped SFs, or any other sniping weapon.

6. Go to the top floor and hide.

Here, you turn right and go up the stairs, and hide somewhere. Good options are dead-end hallways, the closet down on the left (Yes, the door can be closed after a few presses of the action button), or the operating observing spots.

7. Rush the top lobby

This one can be a little tricky. You have to rush up and get to the second floor before any Es come up the stairs. Once you are in the lobby, you can hide prone behind the counter, run down the stairs on the left to the bottom lobby, or do the somewhat daring, "Don't let there be a Sniper oranywhere nearby" Rush out over the open helipad to freedom.</nowiki>

8. Rush the Garage

What could be described as the most insane tactic you can use. Expert Marks only. Here, you bend in from the Op Room, rush them head on, or otherwise shoot every rusher that comes through the Garage. It's daring, it's insane, it's just asking to lose, but it can be done. And then you get to catch Heli rushers from behind and all the others, while obtaining a very glorious win.


More on VIP options edit

5. Rush the bottom lobby.

This is by far the most favorite tactic. Games are quick, honor comes quickly, and your teammates can make a difference. The risks include getting blind naded at the underpass or shot from behind by a VERY fast opfor that rushed through the Hospital. Escort needs to do four things: 1) at least one should go into Hospital 1st floor to slow down opfor. He doesn't have to do very well, as long as he forces opfor to stop long enough to fight. 2) Keep underpass clear of blind-nades. This is pretty tough, the west wing roof needs to be kept clear, and escort rushers need to push past underpass to make sure ambush-side courtyard is clear. 3) Clear helipad building and roof. 4) Eliminate snipers in 2nd floor hospital, or smoke the helipad roof.

7. Rush the top lobby

If opfor are running all the way, they can be at the top of the stairs about the same time you're turning the corner into the lobby. If they have good aim they can shoot you from there, or with less skill and more planning they can fire a 203 shell at the corner wall and kill you even if you've already rounded the corner. Either have a friendly come in through the second floor and guard back stairs, or to turn left immediately after coming out of the stairs and take the long way around.

8. Rush the Garage

A more conservative twist on this could be called "Guard the Garage". Stay close to the back stairs. Opfor often runs through with their guns down, so VIP can score a free kill or more. But if they are prepared to fight when they approach, or you find there are too many of them for your single clip of 30 bullets, retreat into the stairs and up to 2nd floor. If you saved some of your ammo, you can target the doorways as you retreat and kill opfor that recklessly charge after you. You can usually keep ammo until more escort arrives. The neat thing about this tactic is that you can be certain no opfor get inside Hospital before backup arrives.


9. Camp the Front Hall

A great spot is located at the corner to the right of West Wing doors in the Front Hall. From spawn rush down the center hall and toward West Wing. Jump over the bed without a matt and crouch on the other side in the corner. On Single-Shot you can snipe anyone attempting to rush down the hall into the lobby and on full-auto you can clear anyone coming from West Wing.

10. Camp the West Wing

Except against the fastest Assault, Vip can get around the corner into West Wing without being seen. This only works if the East/West Wings are closed. From spawn rush down the Back Hall and get into West Wing. As soon as you turn the corner crouch on the chair and pop your head around the corner. Single-shot anyone rushing the Middle Hall and ready to unload on anyone that looks your way.

11. Camp Operating Room

From spawn, rush into the Operating Room. You have 3 options: 1) Open the door and crouch behind the red cabinet. From here you can single-shot all rushers from Garage. **Nurse Camping** 2) Hide in the corner of Op-Room nearest to the Back Stairs, weapon on full-auto. Be ready to shoot anyone coming into Op-Room. 3) Jump on the operating table, then jump again onto the boom for the light. One last jump and you should be almost level with the 2nd floor. From here, shoot anyone who entered the Operating Room.

12. Operating Room Observation

From spawn, run up the back stairs, and go around the long way to side where you can see down the window to the Garage door. From here, crouch and take out and assault rushers, or hide in the corner looking at the entrance to the Observation Room.

Always remember, as VIP, never do the same thing twice. There's thousands of nooks and crannies that, as VIP, you can use to your advantage against rushers. Always get the first shot, you won't survive theirs.


Ambush Tactics edit

Blind Nading Underpass

If escort has been owning ambush, and VIP escapes in about 1 minute after game starts, you know he's rushing by underpass. It only takes one soldier to stop him. Time a nade and throw it at underpass thirty seconds after the round started. You can throw a nade from west wing roof, without bothering to climb the ladder. You can throw a nade from the ambush-side courtyard, be careful to find a spot with cover to avoid escort nades that are tossed over the helipad roof... and you have to be quick to get there! Use the run-bug (hold forward and run buttons down as the round begins) to get there a little quicker and pull a nade out immediately.

Camping Near Underpass

Just like blind-nading the underpass, sometimes it's just as effective to jump out from behind a corner. It's VERY important you get there before nades arrive, and that your team can keep opfor from charging.

Rushing from the Back of the Hospital

Has the VIP been rushing? Think you can't catch him if you go through the garage? Wrong! You can catch him if you never stop running until you're ready to shoot. Use the run-bug to get a head start. Run through the operating room to avoid getting shot in the halls. If the prep-room door is open, then you know VIP is rushing through the first floor lobby. If it's not, you can keep going and hope to find VIP in the first floor lobby, or turn around (don't stop running) and try to catch VIP on the second floor. If escort enters hospital, you will die in mid-stride.

Rushing Helipad Building

This is often risky, but often pays off. Use the run-bug to get to the helipad building before a blind-nade comes streaking through the courtyard. Once you're in the building, run for the roof to avoid getting killed inside the helipad building by escort sniper. Get your gun up quick to combat escort rushers. Enter helipad building from the front; do it fast because you will briefly be vulnerable on the roof. Make your way to escort side access stairs. Be sure lower door is closed and keep an eye on the helipad roof stairs. You can catch the VIP if he runs across roof, if he takes stairs, or if he takes access stairs (listen for door opening). Opfor rarely expects you to stay there, and nades won't kill you unless they get inside the stairwell.

Sniping from Escape Ladders or West Wing Roof

You don't need a sniper rifle for this. If the VIP takes the roof then you can kill him just before he enters helipad building. Also, you can keep opfor from charging, thus helping to protect your teammates. The bummer about this is that you're a sitting duck, and escort expects you to be there.

All of the Above

Escort may have the advantage on this map, but they can't cover everything all the time! All it takes is one tactic to work and the VIP will die. Try them all, split up opfor. If your team communicates well you can figure out where escort is weak and thus where to concentrate your efforts.


Hiding in Ambush Alley

A counter-tactic for Rush the Garage.

If the VIP is always rushing garage and making it through your guys I sometimes pull some trickery on him. I immediately run left at spawn point to the garbage dumpster before the corner. You can jump on the garbage bag and hop into the garbage dumpster. Then I crouch until I hear footsteps along the alley way. I stand up and nail the VIP in the back while he's making his escape down the road.

Another spot I go to if the VIP is rushing is the alley way too. I turn right at the first corner and there is a dumpster and two garbage bags next to it. I jump onto either garbage bag then onto the garbage dumpster (this may take some work as it is fairly hard). There is a metal rafter coming down from the wall in front of you. Jump onto this and you now have a perfect view of the alley way. When the VIP comes out of Hospital garage and runs down first alley way then turns corner you have a perfect shot at his back. Make sure your gun is on Auto and you're not sticking out.

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