America's Army: Special Forces/SF CSAR Tactics

When on Assault, remember that D can get to the choke points faster than you can.

If you spawn in FT A your job should be to destroy the blackhawk. Now, a good D team will already be heading over blackhawk into the south assault courtyard building. More than likely they will come from the S A courtyard hovel, a lot of times they will just hang out underneath that door way and pick you off as you enter the room with the window overlooking the blackhawk. More aggressive players, usually with the RPK, will go up the ladder and rush your position in the room next to the roof access courtyard. This can be devastating if they know how to use the RPK. A good way to get around this is sit in the little alley under the roof access next to the wall and light em up in the back as they head toward the door leading to the A insertion point, looking to flank the FT that went for the pilot or headed into the center bombed building. Now, ideally you will also have a soldier on the south side of the courtyard across from you in the little alley. Also, there should be somebody in the doorway drawing the attention of the D rusher. Now, lets assume that the D rush has been taken care of. Advance your team into the South Courtyard Building. Couple things to keep in mind here. ONLY ONE person in the intermediate room (the one before the room with the window) this is because across from the blackhawk is another building with a window that will more than likely have a person watching the door way ready to launch a 203 or rocket. Eliminate him, before he eliminates you. Also, watch the upper south side of the ruined defense building. There is a window with a nice view of the doorway and a door way leading to the patio there. Now, if courtyard looks clear you can risk jumping down and prepping then blowing blackhawk. If D is good you will die trying. This is because they probably have a guy in the South Ruined building. The rest of the FT should drop down to the ground floor of the South Assault courtyard building and split up 2 going south to the destroyed patio and 2 going to the courtyard hovel. The two guys going South should concern them selves with the south courtyard defense building and the south ruined building. Watch the door way with a little wall in front of it, this wall protects the door way from the courtyard and center bombed out building. Ok, back to the patio. There are two soldiers there, remember, one of them cooks and throws a nade into the south ruined building aiming for the top and back, other guy heads toward the doorway, under cover from other soldier, of course. Hopefully the nade will take out anyone hanging on the stairs there watching the center bombed building. Once first teammate makes it to door second one follows. Go into door way into the little room, watch for OpFor around corners and on stairs. There are a couple of blind spots where OpFor can hide and pop you in the back, so be vigilant. Now, go up stairs onto the patio, watching bombed out building, make your way across to the little crash site building up top. Go into there and out onto the second floor of ruined patio. OK now that the southern end of blackhawk courtyard has been swept lets go back to the peps in the hovel. Your, job sux, heres why: you have to prep and blow blackhawk, but before you do make sure the center bombed building is clear. When going out door from the hovel to the courtyard be sure to watch the 2nd story D patio, go to bombed building to the north, one guy goes west into the hallway the other east leading the the room with the blown out wall, hopefully b squad (talk about them next) has done there job and kept D out of the north courtyard. If so, the soldier who went west will go back the way he came and watch courtyard the second will run around the back of bombed building, inside and up stairs. Once on the second floor, run toward the second story D patio. Guy below, when he sees his teammate run across will join him buy going up ladder. Now, both of you go around to the patio with the hole in the floor. From here check to make sure there isn't any d waiting on the patios behind the south defense ruined building. Go into building and make sure its clear. OK. theoretically the blackhawk courtyard is clear. One of he soldiers now runs back out onto patio, down, preps and blows blackhawk, HOOAH objective complete. FT A should now converge on area behind south defense ruined building. The two from the Southern end goes out into the courtyard (can't remember the name for that one)behind the ruined D building, and up the stairs into the room before the inferno room. Other two pull out onto inferno patio and into the little ruined room there. We will leave them chillin' there for just a sec.

FT B: FT B's job is to secure the northern courtyard to stop D rushers from getting into the center bombed building. To do this with as few casualties as possible, do the following. SF operators go into the North A courtyard entrance building. Once in go through first room to the second. This is where the doorway to the courtyard is. There is a rubble pile there, go there. From here you can watch the D entrance to courtyard. There is a gutted POS van there complicating your shot. USE your scope. second guy with you has a nade ready to nade courtyard in case you should miss your chance, very likely cuz you need to be quick. Ok, now the two remaining members of FT B should go up stairs. Upstairs there is a room with a window overlooking courtyard and the Northern D building. Hopefully one of em has the RPG. Launch one into the window. Now, I know its boring but FT B should wait till blackhawk is blown to move up. Oh yea the second guy upstairs should wait in first room, and or even outside the first room to watch the A insertion point. If FT A gets mowed he will hopefully be able to stop D from rushing in the building and killing everyone from behind. The reason he stays outside the room with the window is because if D is smart their RPG will go into the northern D building and launch his RPG's into your building causing a massacre. OK, now, FT A has completed their objective, move forward. SF operators should move up first. Run across courtyard under cover from the window. Prep a nade and throw through door into North D patio. After it blows move into building watching upper floor. Beware there is a ledge that D can get on above the entrance, n00bing you if your not careful. OK, now SF is in the north D patio, wait till remaining team catches up. But not into courtyard, a good D 203 or RPG can virtually kill everyone in this patio, although if your in the far north of pation you will most likely only be injured, still not good. Now, a couple things to keep in mind before advancing on norther D courtyard. On the NW side of courtyard is a deserted building with a window, also a broken wall in front of this building. These are both excellent positions to watch the doorway. Both have little exposure and excellent coverage of area. Don't even peek out of the doorway, bounce a smoke off of doorjab into center of charred building. Now, WAIT, if D is watching the doorway chances are there will be a 203 or RPG heading your way. Ok, now WAIT some more. If D is smart they will wait also, and send the dreaded 203 or RPG your way. Now, after you throw smoke the RPG should advance. Now this takes practice. Send a 203 or RPG threw smoke into the general area that D could be waiting. OK, now everyone make a bum rush through smoke. Two heading north along the wall of the charred building and 2 going south around the broken wall and into the building with the caved in room. The two that went north makes their way west. So they have a clear view of the D insertion point. Then into the building along the western side of courtyard. The two in the caved in building go through and up the stairs till they are underneath the pilot objective. When the two on the west come out of the buildings go around and continue south watching under pilot and also the pilot room, and the southern end of courtyard. The two underneath pilot continue on watching above and the doorway in front. Ok, now back to FT A both teams advance on the rooms in front of em. The southern team needs to watch the inferno, there a sneaky D player can be hiding, ready to ambush unsuspecting assaulters. The northern team needs to enter room quietly slowly moving up. Now D has a good spot to watch this room from the southern corner of D insertion courtyard. This is where FT B comes into play, hopefully they have completed there sweep and taken this guy out, if not, I hope your a good shot. If you're not D will launch a 203 or RPG into the room taking you both out. Now, the two in the inferno room advance across courtyard and into the next room. Watch the doorways and when you advance into the next room watch out because D could be sitting in the corner of the two doors ambushing you as you come through. Now, the other two members of FT A will advance into this room. Now we got 4 peps in the room, bad idea!! Quickly, two through western door and two through northern door. Western two need to watch the southern corner cause there is a nice spot for D to lay in wait. Now western two, across courtyard (west) and into the buildings, watching the second floor of pilot objective building. Northern two, western doorway out of the bottom of pilot objective building. If you look into this room and see its empty, or ideally, FT B advance up stairs to pilot objective. By this time you should have at least two people going up stairs and at least one going up ladder with the other two covering. Also in an ideal world by this time there should only be a couple of D left. If you haven't seen them its because they are n00bs. In that case HOOAH mission complete. If not, the remaining squad members should have a good vantage point on entrances to courtyard and be able to cover you as the objective is taken winning mission. GOOD JOB TEAM!!!

Now, I know this is by no means a guaranteed win, there is no such thing. Especially when the opposing team is made up of humans. The great thing about this game IMO is the fact that OpFor is human. Humans adapt, sometimes doing crazy and stupid stuff sometimes not. Remember that. Adapt and overcome.

The following is a link to my CSAR walkthrough, complete with pictures, enjoy.

- [JTF]SuperSlug