America's Army: Special Forces/SF Arctic Tactics

The objective for assault is secure the convoy truck at the far end of the map (be sure to go to the driver's side of the truck). This is harder than it sounds because the obj is heavily defended with several BTR-60/Strykers, which can be destroyed with two rockets each. Assault 18Cs get 1 AT4 each, and are supported by IF RPGs. Stealth is important on this level, especially for assault (for the first time, the stuff from E&E is useful). Enemy snipers will make short work of you if you just charge, so use the canyons to the sides of the road.


A good path to take on Assault is to go south immediately from spawn. Keep going straight and you will end up behind one of the Strykers. Take this out with a pair of AT4's then smoke the other 2 or take them out (set sights to 200yrds for these.) You are right on the convoy now. ~ETG

After firing an RPG/AT4 at Stryker, immediately abandon your position. Unless your rocket killed the Stryker, you will feel the wrath of the .50 calibre --[[User:{FoM}Gurkbuster|{FoM}Gurkbuster]] 02:00, 17 Jun 2004 (UTC)